Hard and Soft G and C

Do you know the rule to use or teach when sounding out new words with a g?  Do you use the hard g like gate or the soft g like gym?  These sites will be all you would ever need to learn or teach the skills. 

First a  song, to teach the rule for hard or soft g.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the song. Other activities are good too for early learners.

Next practice the skill with some great online activities  Your mouse becomes a pencil and you circle words or draw straight lines with your mouse.  When you move the mouse it shows up as a red line.  This is a way to practice fine motor skills that strengthen eye hand coordination and the muscles needed for writing.  Some activites require flash and others can be printed using Adobe files.  The flash activities take a while to load on dial up but they are worth the wait.


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  1. very nice – 1stime I had stumbled on this, i needed it as wellas my students

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